London Amazing Cakes

We are an online bakery and our proposal is to bake incredible cakes for special occasions. Celebrations must be remarkable. We do our best for that. Our cakes are more than beautiful, they look absolutely delicious, amazing. First of all, the guests eat with eyes, then they taste with your feelings and so it becomes memorable. Have unforgettable moments and a great time with a delicious slice of cake. Our cakes are healthy, low calorie and this is great!


This bakery has started because of Izadora and Izabella, twelve years ago. The chef baked the birthday cake for his twin daughters to celebrate their first year of age.


He was committed to treating them gently and providing them good nutrition by eating fruits rich in antioxidants, healthy fats and nuts, in a varied and balanced diet. So he developed a healthy and exclusive recipe.


The cakes became famous among friends, friends of friends and family. Establishing a bakery was a natural way of sharing our delicious healthy cakes moments with more and more people.


Would you like to know the chef and his daughters? Come over to our Instagram. You are you a special guest.