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This cake is a true centerpiece, perfect for celebrating special occasions and capturing hearts.


The highlight of this presentation cake lies in its biscuit hearts that adorn the top and side. Each heart is meticulously crafted with a buttery and crumbly biscuit dough, delicately baked to golden perfection, filled with a homemade white chocolate ganache. The hearts are then carefully arranged in a mesmerizing pattern, with dried roses, fancy macarons crumbs, creating a visually striking effect.


The base of the cake is a moist and fluffy sponge, layered with a luscious cream filling that adds a touch of indulgence to every bite. The exterior is elegantly frosted with a velvety smooth buttercream.


All cakes are made by hand, so they vary according to the images that were displayed on the website. They will be similar to hand be similar the image shown.


Not suitable for allergy sufferers.

10017 Heart Biscuit Cake

  •      Time slot available for delivery or collection:

    1. Morning:    08-12  AM
    2. Afternoon: 12- 16 PM
    3. Evening:     16-20  PM
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