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We are Proud to be London's Best Cake Design
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Britain's Best Cake Design

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We make centerpieces easy to love. Our perfect cakes are simple, beautiful, fragrant, and beguiling. If you are looking for an unique experience, you are at the right place! 



  • Much more flavour, and less than 10% of flour

  • Less sugar

  • Less fat

  • Yeast-free, which means easier digestion

  • Our sponge is moist and fluffy, regardless the size of the cake

  • The filling is a combination, at least, of four sort of frostings

  • The outcome is a complete remarkable experience of the design and flavour!

The Most Delicious Cake
Our  Customer Review

Olivia Taylor

I ordered a cake from London Amazing Cakes for my husband. He had the most beautiful and luscious cake. I have meant to write this review for ages! Thank you so much. Your wonderful service was very much appreciated.

Our Customer Review

Brooke Anderson

My first order placed was on behalf of my brother for a birthday cake. They made the most amazing cake and made my life very easy.
For cakes I would not look elsewhere for special occasions. Extremely thankful to the team at London Amazing Cakes!

Our Customers Reviews

Edward Collins

Best cake ever. The end.
Light. Moist. Sweet but not sickly. Delightful.
Just yes. Do yourself a favour.

Pink Cream

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